Friday, November 12, 2010

TUNDRA SWANS in the Alma Area

Despite the rain and snow, today was a great day to see swans in the Alma Area.

The best place for close-to-the-car views:  County Road II and State Road 37 at the Tell Tavern.
We spotted a dozen foraging about 30 yards from the road - and about 3 dozen more at the far side of the lake (at 11:30am).

We spotted less than a dozen east of Tell on the lake at County Road F and Cesler Valley Road. 

We didn't see a single coot at Reick's Lake Park today, and only 3 swans were close to the parking area (at noon).  The swans took off the minute we got out of the car.  We spotted them again, down-river in the pond at the intersection of SR 37 and Great River Road (SR 35).

Big Lake is the place to see large numbers of swans (at the up-river end of Pool 4 near Nelson).   Head up-river on Great River Road to Cedar Ridge Resort.  Turn left and drive down to the waterfront - to the Cedar Ridge Resort dock.   Look directly across the river - that's the best view of hundreds of swans.

Continue up-river and pull off to the right at the Nelson Cemetery.  Pull out your binoculars and look across the Mississippi and down-river.  You'll see (and hear) them off in the distance flying along the tree line and feeding in the shallows.  

Other waterfowl in the Alma area today:

Canada Goose
Green-winged Teal
Northern Shoveler
American Wigeon
Northern Pintail

We spotted Wild Turkey in the cornfields, Red-tailed Hawks perched in trees along the highways (and fields) - and Bald Eagles hunting at Riecks Lake Park.

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