Friday, May 6, 2011


This year the Center added bird feeding stations along our 50-foot viewing deck.  Today the goldfinches finally decided that our nyjer seed was good enough.  This sweet little female was quite photogenic!

Feeder on the back deck of Wings Over Alma overlooking the Mississippi River.

Learn more about the American Goldfinch ... a feeder favorite.

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  1. I have been fortunate to have many varieties of finches at my feeder located in my back yard near Alma! Bird watching consumes some of my time, and I have found an even better source for seeing birds that do not come to feeders. Instead they live of insects, worms, and other food sources in the wild. I am told that over 70% of bird species live off their natural surroundings. Anyone reading this post who enjoy seeing the many different birds in our area absolutely MUST sign up for the Spring Birdwatching by Mini-Train ride. The event is scheduled for May 17, 2014. Sign up at Wings Over Alma in Alma, WI. Cost is only $40 per person